Mission Statement of Garden City ChurchOur Mission The mission of Garden City Church is to glorify God by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ who are catalysts of change and examples of human goodness.


Core Values of Garden City Church

Community. We are devoted to building a diverse community of people  from all walks of life who reflect God's love to one another and the community at large.  We hope you will feel at home regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Clarity. We are devoted to clarity of focus and clarity of heart.  GCC is committed to doing the right things (focus) for the right reasons (heart).  We want to focus on what is best even if that means saying no to what is good.

Collaboration. We are devoted to working as a team to accomplish our mission.  We believe the Holy Spirit has given each person unique gifts to use for building the Church and advancing the Kingdom.  We are equally committed to developing strategic partnerships with various organizations who share our desire to make this world a better place.

Church Multiplication. We are devoted to reproducing healthy disciples, holistic groups and thriving churches to spread a knowledge of the Glory of God through Jesus Christ to all the world.

Creativity. We are devoted to creatively fulfilling our mission of developing fully devoted followers of Christ who are catalysts of change and examples of human goodness.

Vision Statement of Garden City Church

The vision of Garden City Church is to connect the people of Beverly and the North Shore to God through Sunday services, small groups, serving others and sharing the good news.

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GardnCityChurch "I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil." To learn and digest the Word of God requires a fight. (T. Keller).
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Sunday Location

Sunday 9:15 a.m.
140 Bridge Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 345
Beverly, MA 01915